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Plyo Soft Box



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This trapezoidal jump box is filled with polyurethane sponge and is very stable overall. Each layer is tightly connected, and there is a wide magic paste on the long surface to connect together, which is beautiful, flat and stable.

The 18oz. PVC outer belt has a woven handle for easy grasping and moving. Ideal for young or inexperienced athletes. It is safer than the traditional wooden jumping box and helps to build up children's courage and self-confidence.

The top layer is specially designed for young athletes.

The three layers can be used alone or glued together.

High-quality polyurethane sponge is the filler.

Strong Velcro hook and loop fastener.

Heavy-duty grade fireproof PVC material

The handle can be moved easily.

Simple cleaning solution.

The material shell is made of durable, easy-to-clean PVC. It is filled with safe and supportable high-quality sports sponge.

Practice and study This trapezoid is very suitable for vaulting or positioning platform, you can remove or add these parts according to personal preference. Suitable for gymnasts and fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

Design advantages All parts are connected together by a strong and firm safety hook and loop system. The design also has a zipper, the colorful design gives it stylish edges and perfectly complements the range

Safety recommendations must be used under adult supervision, and safety mats should be used. We believe that safety is always first, stay safe and bring more fun.


Durable material

Made of high-density foam with non-slip durable PVC skin-stackable design allows you to customize the jump height

Soft floor treatment

Reduce pressure on the ankles, knees and hips-Reduce the risk of injury from missing the calf-Develop speed, strength and explosiveness

Soft non-slip surface

We don't want you to worry about injury during exercise, especially when you use our box jumping. Unlike other wooden boxes, we designed this exercise box to be soft, so you don't have to worry about your calf hitting the edge. The material is a non-slip surface, which means you can have stability for every set of jumps.


Box jumping is the best exercise tool to improve the strength of your legs! Jumping can greatly improve your balance and stability. High-intensity training will allow your muscles to exert their maximum strength in a short time.

The equipment is free and can be done almost anywhere. You can always choose to jump boxes on the windowsill, stairs or other places. If you want to save money and space, box jumping is definitely a great way to go.