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Folding Rainbow Mats



(Note: The color shall be based on the actual color)


PVC+EPE gymnastics mat

Gymnastics mat made of high-density environmentally friendly EPE foam. It is soft and flexible enough that anyone can train or practice on it and provide you with a comfortable experience.

Easy to store and transport

The entire mat includes four sides that can be folded easily.

Can greatly save storage space. Equipped with two handles at both ends of the mat, easy to fix and carry.Durable PVC, easy to clean

The entire gym mat is made of durable PVC

Enough to protect the internal foam and ensure safe movement, and the surface is very smooth

Suitable for various sports

The size is sufficient for training and exercise. Many colors for your choice.

After folding, it takes up less space.

The size can achieve various training or exercises

Complete exercises such as yoga, dancing, light stretching,

Wrestling, martial arts and general sports.


Velcro is placed on both ends of the mat, so you can splice more

Better elasticity and environmentally friendly EPE foam

Health, durability and better elasticity, not easy to deform.

These mats are very suitable for gymnastics (home, competition or commercial use), Pilates, dance, parkour, weight training, general sports cheerleading, etc.

The foam core foam padding is equipped with heavy-duty 18ozPVC, top and mesh sides, providing a cushioned support surface to protect the gymnast’s knees, nose bridge, elbows and back, stretching, rolling and other fitness items.


Fully exercise using our anti-collision landing pad

Provide a safe buffer for gymnastics vaulting training, ground rolling, barbell action, balance beam training. Yoga, Pilates, game room floor, stretching, wrestling, cheerleading, martial arts, mixed martial arts and rock climbing, wrestling, self-defense training, etc.

Easy to carry and store, can be folded in half

Easy storage and portability, and comes with two handles

It is convenient for personal trainers and fitness athletes to move, and can also be used for outdoor or indoor exercise.


Safety material

Our gymnastics landing mats are all using environmentally friendly materials tested by SGS. They are non-toxic and safe for children. Reassure parents when their children are training. Young gymnasts can practice rolls, wheels and backflips on this mat.

Multiple methods of use

This kind of slope mat can be used for comfortable training or competitive practice for athletes of different levels. Suitable for tumbling, gymnastics, yoga, rehabilitation training, etc.

Portable and easy to clean

This lightweight slope mat comes with two hand straps, making it a perfect portable device. The jacket is made of PVC mesh cloth, which is durable and easy to clean. It can be cleaned easily with ordinary soapy water.

Two styles of folding and non-folding are available.

Slope mat designed for gymnastics training

The folding ramp pad shaped like a diagonally cut cheese can be customized in various sizes, thicknesses and hardness of the supporting surface. It can be used for gymnastics training, tumbling and other physical training.

High-quality raw materials

The high-strength PVC jacket can ensure the durability of the equipment. Each slope mat is carefully made, beautiful and durable.

Ideal for young athletes and beginners

The inclination angle and scientific thickness make this product provide sufficient safety and protection for younger gymnastic students or beginners. Beginners who learn tumbling skills, side flips, back flips, etc. can use this product.